How to Compete in Beauty Pageants Without Spending Thousands on Dresses

pageantdressesIf you are a pageant mom or have competed in pageants in the past couple years, then you will definitely understand where this article is going. If you’re like most pageant moms out there you’ve noticed the price to compete in beauty pageants has skyrocketed in the past five or so years. The cost just never seem to give up, between trying to find cheap pageant dresses that look beautiful to even finding your next sponsors the cost associated with competing in pageants can sometimes ensure the tens of thousands very quickly. Unfortunately the high cost associated with competing in beauty pageants sometimes limits girls, who come from not so fortunate backgrounds, ability to compete.

I know given my own pageant experience that my family has probably already spent over $100,000 on my pageant expenses over the past 10 years. This is absolutely ridiculous now looking back at it.
Thankfully nowadays pageant girls that are trying to compete in the next pageant have the ability to find great pageant dresses great for an extremely cheap cost. They can find pageant dresses on the multiple pageant resale and pageant consignment websites that are available online. There are definitely some sites out there that are better than others and I have always found the best deals and quality of dresses on the Own That Crown website/app. I have been able to compete in numerous pageants with just so much confidence because I’ve been wearing the most beautiful evening gowns that I’ve ever been able to wear; this is only because I’m exclusively using the Own That Crown pageant app. Girls can sign up for free and browse other girls pageant dresses that usually are high end designers such as Sherri hill and Tony Bowls, and only have been worn for a matter of hours. This means these pageant dresses are pretty much new given the fact that they have only been worn for so little time.

So there you have it, now you have a way to compete in beauty pageants for a fraction of what it used to cost. Pageant consignment sites like Own That Crown, where you can find literally hundreds of beautiful pageant dresses for up to 80% off, make all the hard work that’s usually associated with traditional pageant resale type of sites a thing of the past. Pageant girls can simply go on their smart phones and be able to browse all pageant consignment items pageant coaching upcoming pageants and other beauty services that are offered right there in the local area. Own That Crown is transforming the way the pageant industry connects to one another, which ultimately benefits the entire beauty pageant industry in a whole.


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